Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Yoga Retreat Hotel For Sale

This is a quite long video because the place for sale is absolutely enormous and therefore to do it justice there are lots of photos and video clips. This property has so many possibilities with its 14 (More or Less) bedrooms, loads of bathrooms, a kitchen, bar, dining area, office, therapy room, two conference or yoga rooms. Outside it has a lovely area around the swimming pool with its light and shade, shady patios and an extra plot of 3000m2 which has space for parking cars for the guests.

The house is on an estate in Chiva just a couple of hundred yards from the bus route into Valencia, a quick ten minute drive to the Bonaire shopping centre, the biggest in Spain, 15 minutes to the airport and 20 from Valencia itself.

This property should be considered for those wanting a huge place to develop a business, it has a licence as an Albergue (Rural Hotel) and used to be a restaurant too. It could also be a perfect place to have a property for groups or associations that want to use its possiblities for meetings and conferences. Currently there are many yoga retreats and self development classes run there.

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  1. Anonymous9:02 AM

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