Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Back Again

Sorry for not posting more recently but the blog keeps getting blocked by Blogger for some reason. However we now have a tranche of news that may be very useful for you when purchasing your Spanish property.
Firstly, we have a lot of new property in and away from Valencia. Keep an eye out for our Polaris World offers as they come in. Some areas are looking at a slowing down of sales but quality and location will always sell and Polaris World is a huge success that keeps growing day after day. Backed by a new ad campaign in the UK Polaris keeps up its impeccable standards and looks to the future with confidence. The gated golf resort at a good price still maintains its allure for buyers. If you want to arrange an inspection trip get in touch and they will look after you well.

Next we have managed to get hold of a lot of BMV(Below Market Value for the uninitiated) properties that we have negotiated with some banks here. We have cherry picked the best deals at under 60% of valuation and if you have cash to proceed then we can get you a really good deal which you can then refinance, flip or use as a cashflow property as you wish.
We have been in touch with many of our sellers to get them to drop prices, especially the English sellers as the pound rate is favourable for them on sale at the moment. Therefore many great value properties are now on site at much lower prices than comparable properties in the market. Check through the pages at for examples.

So have a look at everything, get clear on what you want and get in touch with us to view.

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