Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Well That Was a Hectic Week

Last week was hectic, back to the days when we had so many people visiting that there was no time to have a life outside of the business. So many things going on but in effect the following were interesting for the clients that came over, refurb projects in Valencia, villas around 250000 Euros outside Valencia by around 20 minutes and flats in and around Valencia at around the same price. Therefore we have started to upload more flats in the villages and firstly as you can see here we have some that we have got from my town La Pobla de Vallbona. New flats here with all amenities to hand in a very friendly little town are around 190-250000 Euros. The illustrations for this article range from 195 to 239 so have a look and get in touch and buy a place here.

(We also have villas, terraced houses and other stuff in and around La Pobla, which you can find just 18km away from Valencia to the North West but to finish off the article I thought a comparative in La Eliana might be apt. Lovely rustic style on a large plot with indoor swimming pool for a cool 1.2 million Euros. Check out the last photo)

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