Saturday, January 19, 2008

More About The January Sales

You may have the wrong impression by the site at the moment as so many properties have been reduced. This is actually because we have been ringing up the owners who are selling, especially the English owners who will be taking their money back to the UK. The changes in the exchange rate mean that UK based owners can drop their prices somewhat and still receive the same money in pounds. Therefore it is a good time to buy even though in principle it may seem otherwise. Bargains abound on our site so have a good look through. The photos that accompany this piece belong to some of those reduced price houses in different price ranges. The top is of a house in El Rebollar in inland Valencia. Current price is 279000 Euros and it is in effect two houses with 7 bedrooms. The second is a village property near Casinos at 125000 Euros. The third is a central Valencia flat at 218000 Euros and the last a beautiful B+B place for 325000 Euros near Villamarchante and the racetrack at Cheste.
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