Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Valencian Summer

The global warming myth? What happened to all of the promises?

Valencia has just experienced its coolest August in the last ten years and if today's weather continues as is then it may be the coolest for a very long time. We were promised a long, hot, sticky summer as June had Valencia's hottest ever day at 38.2ºC but then in August the plot was well and truly lost. Today I saw some people with coats on! If you are due to come over on a house visit any day soon then check out the following websites for the weather in Valencia. (It will probably be hot again very soon.
BBC Hot and sunny for the next five days.
The Weather Channel Which bizarrely claims that Valencia will be foggy for 7 of the next ten days!
Yahoo Weather Which also claims we will be in a pea souper for the net four days.
As I have never ever seen Fog in Valencia I will take these previsions with a huge ton of salt and choose to believe the BBC one.

Of course the accompanying photo shows the view on a foggy day in Valencia town.

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  1. Lovely pictures, and what a perfect illustration of your point on global warming.


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