Wednesday, July 04, 2007

America's Cup Update and Valencia Parties.

5-2 to Alinghi. The last race won by one second after dropping their sail. It is now all over in Valencia bar the incessant partying by the New Zealand, sorry Swiss winners. (Did you know that the majority of the Alinghi team are the NZ team that won it some time back?) Anyway, the America's Cup in Valencia is over for the time being and the next one starts tomorrow when the bossman Bertarelli will announce if the 150 million Euro bribe, sorry funding, from the City of Valencia is enough for him to stay as he has another offer.

The link above should take you to the Valencia Tourist Board page and from there they should be able to tell you what is happening but it doesn't. Click here to go there. The party now gets really started as we move into the summer. There is a great two months of events planned in the evenings at the City of Arts and Sciences and the Summer Cinema projections start every night at 12 all over the pueblos surrounding Valencia and in the old riverbed itself. Why sleep when it is too hot seems to be the mantra?

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