Friday, May 11, 2007

A Very Busy Day

I spent most of today with journalists or answering journalists' questions about Valencia and also Castellón. Hopefully you will see our name as a result in the Sunday Times and Overseas Property magazine in the not too distant future. I spent a very pleasant couple of hours this afternoon at a house we have for sale in Lliria, waiting around while clients looked at it and reading a book overlooking the pool in the shade of the terrace on a steaming hot day.

It is now after midnight and I really need to get to bed.

Tomorrow is looking really full too and I will probably send out a contact mail announcing our next open days over the weekend as we will be having them on the 19th of April in Lliria, the 26th in Villamarchante and 2nd June in Lliria too. All excellent houses and good possibilities hosted by our sister company Devanio.

The picture shown is of the pool area and guesthouse of a place we have the open day on the 19th of May. See more here although the price is now 235000 Euros.

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