Sunday, July 23, 2006

We are Back

OK so that has been a rather hectic three weeks.Anita came into the World on the 3rd of July, right after the last blog and since then havoc. However we are now back, up and running and sweating profusely due to the summer heat and unaccustomed humidity.
The slowdown for the summer has well and truly started now, you try getting anything done in Valencia from next week onwards, and there is a lethargy about the city.
We have decided to step up our house finding and start a few more collaborations to give clients the greatest choice available when coming over to view houses. This in no way though changes our working culture which is to get the client the best deal, the best price and the best start in their new lives in Valencia. Keep an eye on the main website over the next few weeks and months as it develops and becomes much more interactive and user friendly.
And keep looking at Valencia, the most happening city in Spain currently.

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