Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I had the misfortune to watch My Place in the Sun, (Not “A Place in the Sun” as it was the update programme) this week on Channel Four. It is not that it is a bad programme but please researchers do some updating of prices before putting programmes on the TV. So for all of you who got in touch this week asking for mansions for 150000 Euros please bear in mind that the programme was originally recorded around the end of 2002 start of 2003 and prices have doubled in the Valencia region since then.
However check out Amanda's top ten as Valencia is considered to be the fourth best place to buy in 2006 in Europe to make money and according to Amanda Lamb “If I had to pick my top buy for an instant return, it would be here. If you get off the mark and buy fairly quickly, it will have gone up dramatically within a couple of years.”
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