Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Which is the Most Useless Company, Iberdrola or Telefonica?

Following on from my Telefonica blogs recently I now have to say they have a competitor in the absolutely useless, don't know what they are doing, hugely frustrating having to have their service stakes, Iberdrola.

Iberdrola is the electricity supplier and they have recently annoyed everyone in Spain by estimating meter readings to cut costs rather than having to employ someone to actually read the meter, or heaven forbid having it computerised, meaning that they now have overestimated virtually everyone's bills giving themselves a nice little windfall. This is about customer service though, or lack of it.

At the start of February one of my clients moved into a house that had previously had the electricity cut off because of an account change and mix up over bills. In order to get the electric put back on I asked Iberdrola for the outstanding amount, get this, the total outstanding amount and it was paid and the electric put on, it took a couple of days but hey, this is Spain. So I got a call on Friday from the tenants, and yes these are the same tenants as the telefonica saga, poor people. The electric had just been cut off. I phoned up Iberdrola to ask what on Earth they were doing and they said there were unpaid bills from May and November 2008. As you can imagine this somewhat surprised me and I gave them the biggest verbal earbashing ever as they had supplied me with the total amount to reconnect and they had reconnected based on being paid up to date. The excuses were lame but suffice to say they reconnected within the hour thanks to their mistake and meanwhile my client has 10 days to pay the arrears that they said a month ago he didn't have.

I got a phone call on Monday from the tenants, they had been cut off again. In rather a large fury I rang Iberdrola again and got a very nice girl who took me through the whole process again before saying the operator on Friday had not rescinded the disconnection order and as soon as the computer found that the clients had the temerity to actually use any electric they had cut off again.

Meanwhile my client wants to pay this outstanding fee into the account that Iberdrola have supplied for payment and cannot do so because nobody at their call centre knows the details of the international banking codes, they can only get transfers from Spanish accounts apparently. (I know this is a lie but what can you do?)

Telefonica not to be outdone decided that they can not have pretenders to the crown of the worst company in Spain and so decided to charge my clients 110 Euros for 50 hours connection to the internet before they got the broadband line in. Did I mention that we ordered an "all you can eat" tariff for 24 Euros per month and therefore should not have been charged per call and that they only had this system for a week before I got them the broadband line? Thought not!

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